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Label Moka Records
Hometown Modena

Line Up

Alessandro Bulgarelli - Vocals
Lorenzo Dodi - Drums
Roberto Botti - Guitars
Andrea Serravalli - Bass
Stefano Mattioni - Guitars


Energy Drunk - CD 5€
Energy Drunk - CD 5€



Hi everyone, we're Canaja hailing from the city of Modena (IT).

In 2006, Roberto and Lorenzo had the ill advised idea to put up a band during the course of an epic hangover, and that’s how everything started.
Later, after another equally epic night of binge drinking, Alessandro decided to join the band, voicing his enthusiasm by way of a thunderous burp.

The next two years saw the succeding of various additional members until, in 2009, Stefano came along for the ride, resulting in another innocent soul swallowed into the depths of danger and foolishness.
Another round of years saw various people trying for the position of bass player until Andrea joined the band in 2014, thus completing the current line up.

During this time the band recorded their first demo and played lots of dates, from the filthiest shacks in the middle of nowhere to more established stages, honing their skills while destroying their livers...

Tour Dates

2016.01.15 Off Modena
2016.01.22 Fermata 23 Camposanto (MO)
2016.01.30 Borderline Modena
2016.02.12 Libera Modena
2016.02.20 Stella Nera Modena
2016.03.12 Stonehenge Pub Sant'Antonio in Mercadello (MO)
2016.04.25 Parco Villa Tusini San Prospero (MO)
2016.05.21 Pasteggio a livello San Felice sul Panaro (MO)
2016.10.31 Olandese Volante Gazzuolo (MN)
2016.12.16 Stella Nera Modena
2017.02.18 Pasteggio a livello San Felice sul Panaro (MO)
2017.04.08 Stella Nera Modena
2017.04.25 Pilly American Diner Cafe - Motoraduno San Prospero (MO)
2017.05.05 Pasteggio a livello San Felice sul Panaro (MO)


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